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To better understand and treat patients' health problems, health research institutes conduct studies to discover new treatments and cures. Having the appropriate data for such research initiatives aids in the advancement of healthcare and the development of better treatment medications.

Firms will be able to obtain illness data, drug response, and other metrics through the ShieldH Research platform in a less invasive manner. Having a better grasp of the condition and making better decisions might be beneficial in improving disease management.

A substantial amount of research involves the examination of data and biological samples that were originally obtained for diagnostic, therapeutic, or billing reasons, or as part of previous research programmes and are now being utilized for new research goals.


Patient Consent

Data sharing with research institutions is permitted only once the patient has provided unequivocal permission and has no objections about its intended use.

Patient Identity

Patient identifiers such as name, age, and gender are suppressed, and only other parameter information are disclosed.


  • Incentivized Research - Patients who agree to submit their unique data for health research objectives would be rewarded suitably and their names would not be published.
  • Data Ownership - At no time will the patient lose custody of their data, and they will always have the option of voluntarily withdrawing from any study programme.

ShieldH Research