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Medication reminders are a common service offered by care providers to patients with prescription medications. Patients can't remember to take their medication because they have mental health issues or are forgetful.

Many medications come with important instructions, such as taking them at a specific time of day, with or without food, taking them with or without certain liquids, and keeping them at specific temperatures, and each of these needs to be adhered to.

In order to keep track of their medicine, ShieldH Reminder provides a reminder function. It would also make it easier for the patient to reorder their medication without having to go through the process of putting a new order.


Medication history

The ShieldH Reminder would track and record doses taken and missed in order to facilitate evaluation during the subsequent consultation.

Snooze option

The patient would be able to snooze the scheduler in the event that the doctor suggested any adjustments.

Flexible scheduling

Multiple tablets imply a more complicated drug regimen, which may overwhelm a patient. This makes it easy to stay on track.

Medication database

The database of prior experience and pharmaceutical efficacy would aid in devising a future course of action.

Refill reminders

The patient would be worry-free concerning reorders for any continuing medicines, and the app would assist.


  • Stress Free Medication - It alleviates patients' stress associated with the numerous medication regimens that must be followed.
  • Better Adherence - Patients can be diligent in adhering to the treatment regimen and avoiding problems.
  • Personalized Reminders - It would be able to be customized according to a patient's prescription.
  • Missed Doses - Any missed doses would warn the patient, assisting them in staying on track.