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MAH Product Architecture

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The solution aims to use Hyperledger Fabric as a permissioned Blockchain solution. Hyperledger Fabric is by far number one business blockchain with high thruput and features enabled to cater requirements for this solution. Fabric CA / MSP will be used to established credible identities for the patients/doctors and others in the system. Channels and private data collection will be used to keep the data privacy and selective sharing


Interplanetary file system is a decentralized file system that will be integrated with the Blockchain solution to store the documents and scans to keep the database size optimal and increase the efficiency.

1.3 Open-Source Design and collaboration

The product will list open-source components and will invite the community driven additions to make it better and market ready for different GEOs. The strategy will allow mass adoption and integration opportunities for the product.


The product will have provision for fiat as well as crypto payments. The crypto payments will be enabled thru Htraxcoin built specifically for medical domain digital economy, The crypto-currency will also be used to incentivize the patients, doctors and development community based on various parameters.


The product will present a layer to integrate with existing HIS systems thru the open REST APIs. This will give an opportunity the shape up the product as per the policies of specific medical institutes and insurance companies. It will also help in mass adoption and scaling of solution. The solution also plans to build its own HIS.


The revenue models are tightly based around the following factors

Patient subscription

Insurance companies' subscription

Medical Research companies' subscription

Clinics / hospitals/Medical chain subscription

Pharmacies / Labs subscription

1. Patients

The pricing model is based on subscription services enrolled by various parties. Since this is a patient centric system, most of the services at the patient enrollment will be free. Only after certain data storage usage and post certain numbers of consultations the patient will be asked to pay the minimal subscription charges in form of a token. The incentivization model for patients will include the rewards earned by maintaining the health parameters, subscribing to insurance companies in the eco-system and providing access to health records to the research companies based on payment model. The system is likely to bring lot of monetary benefits to the patients against the conventional medical system.

2. Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will subscribe to the services by investing the tokens into the system. The major advantage for insurance companies is major customer base part of the system and hassle free and trusted claim settlements, taking out lot of costs from their operations. They will also get a large base to sell the insurance plans customized to the audience and hospitals that are part of the system. The system will bring huge monetary benefits for insurance companies.

3. Medical Research Companies

Medical Research companies will subscribe to the services by investing the tokens into the system. The major advantage for medical research companies is major customer base and authentic data available on request. In key challenge in front of any medical research company is amount of investment and manual processes around collecting patient data. The problem is resolved with this system and research companies can come up with drugs much earlier thereby creating a huge advantage for them.

4 Clinics/Hospitals/Medical Chains

Hospitals will subscribe to the services by investing the tokens into the system. The major advantage for hospitals is major customer base with tele-calling facility and veried and trusted electronic health records of the patients. Doctors can monitor real time statistics of critical patients in real time. The system has integration possibilities with HIS systems in the hospital so that it becomes easy for medical institutes to use and adopt this solution.