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Online purchasing is on the rise in the modern day. For many years, the idea of internet pharmacies and online drug sales has been widely accepted across the globe.

ShieldH Pharmacy will provide better prices, more accessibility, reduced transaction and product expenses, greater convenience, and greater anonymity to patients. People with restricted mobility and those living in distant places will benefit from their accessibility. Personalized medication reminders, discounts, doorstep delivery, and prescription validation would all be integrated for a seamless experience. These sources also provide information on replacements and their side effects.


  • Increased Access - Patients in far-flung locations may now get drugs that aren't generally accessible in their area.
  • Lower transaction cost - Patients benefit from the cheaper prices of medications compared to typical "brick and mortar" pharmacies.
  • Convenience - The app may be used by patients with limited mobility to order their medication.



The pharmacy will already be aware of the prescription that was created for the patient, thus no further uploading of the prescription is required.


Due to blockchain technology, the transactions would be incredibly secure and any fraudulent activity would be quickly recognised.


No one else would be able to see the patient's identification or private information.

ShieldH Pharmacy