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Shield H Insurance

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ShieldH Insurance provides a wide range of products for all registered members. It gives an instantaneous confirmation of the investment, allowing the insured to begin using the policy right away. It also simplifies the process of making a payment. While purchasing health insurance online is quick and fast, it is safe and secure.


  • Informative - The patient will be able to compare various policies and features befor making an informed choice
  • Affordable - Since the patient data would be immutably stored on the blockchain all the extra assessment and related tests can be avoided right policy can be purchased
  • Automated - The patient will not have to go through the hassle paper work or identity proving


Easy Settlements

Claims would be handled in a fashion that was as painless as possible for patients, who would not be subjected to any further evaluation.

Quick access to funds

Early settlement might be made possible by the records, allowing the patient to get their money more rapidly.

Payment for the OPD costs

ShieldH Insurance would enable patients to receive insurance for OPD charges such as consultations, diagnostics, and so on, since most health insurance policies only cover in-patient costs.

ShieldH Insurance