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Healthcare Challenges & MAH Solution

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Healthcare Sector Challenges

Healthcare Sector is facing a lot of challenges and currently after pandemic challenges increased due to the huge impact of Healthcare Sector in the world. Highlighted below few of the major challenges which MAH Technologies already invested time and effort to study and analyze these challenges in order to provide proper solution serving the Health Sector to overcome the current challenges and achieving all the expected needs.

Information Security

Mandatory requirement now to maintain proper security and keep all the records Safe and Secure for all Patients medical history, Doctors details, Laboratory and Radiology center records. All these records considered as condential information and restricted to specic persons working in health Sector only and have the required access level to reach and view these records Hackers and ransom malware attacks makes everyone in danger and under threats.

Identity Verification

One of the major challenges for medical Sector now to Identify and Verify the huge bulk of information transferred daily over the internet, many people pretending to be someone else either patients or doctors in order to acquire restricted information.
Blockchain providing the best authentication and verification tools for healthcare sector

Movement Restrictions & Health Status

Currently with the exist pandemic all the world facing huge movement restrictions which is affecting the whole world economic and human needs.
Movements inside the same city require showing the current health status and the last updates if infected before or vaccinated.

Countries Closed Borders

In 2020 All countries almost closed the borders and traveling was totally restricted, in 2021 and in next few years borders will be opened only for vaccinated persons and expected to take vaccination regularly every year. World really require Digital Health Passport as mandatory need to make raveling more easily and safety.

Emergency Health Support

Most of patients or even regular persons suddenly will face a health problem and will require immediate support from a health professional. Currently the fastest emergency support will be available after few minutes average response time between 7 to 14 minutes. With the new technologies and communication revolution patient require immediate communication solution to reach and contact doctors quickly.

Consultation Difficulties & Availability

Patients sometimes facing difficulties for the consultation for many reasons like distance or walking difficulties or clinic location. Currently after pandemic visiting hospitals and clinics comes more difficult and not safe for all participants, old patients will be afraid of getting infected from anyone and consultation comes complex for doctors as they need to reduce the physical interaction with patients. here comes the important to use technology to support Online TeleConsultation.

Emergency health support consultation difficulties & lack of diabetes monitoring sudden diabetics core challenges

MAH Healthcare Solutions for the Challenges

1. MAH Healthcare information system - HIS

Seamless administration and control.

Advanced MIS reporting both in graphics and printed form.

Parameterization: Easy Customizable features.

Increases profits and reduces costs considerably by handling information in an efficient and effective way.

Automatic calculated payment generation to Consultants, Outsourced Facilities etc.

Profitability Analysis and Growth Analysis at Department level, Service Level based on patient category.

Tracking of patient outstanding based on unique PID, even after a patient visits after many years, or if a patient has multiple policies.

Handles incorrect bills, client rate adjustments through administration control

OP, IP, Day-Care, Surgery – different billing and payment procedures configurable to multiple locations and categories

Rate determination based on multiple parameters – days, time, service type, eligibility

2. MAH Telehealth Consultation

The purpose is to give layout of Tele-Health Application to ensure seamlessly smooth and secure communication between Patient and Health Practitioners. It provides norms and protocols relating to physician-patient relationship; issues of liability and negligence; evaluation, management and treatment; informed consent; continuity of care; referrals for emergency services; medical records; privacy and security of the patient records and exchange of information; prescribing; and reimbursement; health education and counseling.

Telemedicine applications can be classified into four basic types:

Mode of communication (Video, Audio, Text),

Timing of the information transmitted,

Purpose of the consultation

Interaction between the individuals involved RMP-to-patient/caregiver, or RMP to RMP. (RMP is registered medical practitioner)

3. Digital Health Passport

The pandemic of corona virus infection in 2020 has triggered the importance of fast response to health issues. Now that the companies slowly return to pre-epidemic life, employees’ health checkup has become crucial to prevent a disease outbreak followed by business collapse.

MAH Technologies, A software R&D and developer, has created Digital Health Passport, or DHP, a blockchain based application for verifying and storing personal health history with no need for multilevel validation of information.

Digital Health Passport by is a digital profile with user’s disease status such as infection with HIV, COVID-19, tuberculosis and others.

Medical institutions can use the DHP platform for national and regional control over the nation’s health.

4. MAH Digital Diabetes

Online platform for all type of customers providing medical consultancy and advices, Platform will work as a personal health advisor and will maintain all the customer health history in order to allow health professional / manager to provide the best medical advice. The platform will be connected directly with nearest Hospital and will provide the differences in the cost and service for each hospital so customer can know all the details before booking appointment with doctors, (Future scope to include auto booking throw the platform). The platform also will provide list of all the pharmacies and nearest Pharmacies and labs so customer can dispatch the medicine request or the prescription online if required to automate the full process.