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Medical consultation and counseling are available online for all types of consumers. The platform is driven by AI and will act as a personal health adviser, storing all consumer health data to enable AI and machine learning engines to deliver the best medical recommendations. The platform will give patients important advice and reminders for lifestyle modifications, medication reminders, exercise routines, and access to and assistance for alternative therapies. This service will be able to take medical data from a variety of IoT devices, including smartwatches, glucometers, blood pressure machines, and oximeters. It will calculate a patient's total health score and give radical suggestions for incrementally improving it. The model will continue to adapt as the tool's patient history and database grows.


  • ShieldH Doctor provides smooth and secure connection between patients and artificial intelligence-based health parameter evaluation.
  • A complimentary BMI Score will be created for all registered patients as a consequence of the adoption of standards and processes and the use of an artificial intelligence interface (AI).
  • ShieldH Consulting, here, ensures smooth, safe connection between patients and the AI-powered healthcare services.
  • After obtaining this score, the patient might utilize advanced features to obtain scores connected to any of the following concern areas
    • 1. Cardiac Risk Score
    • 2. Diabetes Risk Score
    • 3. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Risk Score
    • 4. Kidney Disease Risk Score
  • Each score would be indicative of the Low, Medium and High risk categories and the patient can decide to pursue further consultation by moving on to other features of the app.
  • Patients in the low to medium risk category would be recommended to make lifestyle changes, but those in the high risk category would be urged to take immediate action to avert consequences.


Self Risk Evaluation

For a more accurate risk assessment, the patient will undergo an independent evaluation based on data parameters from the four primary general concern areas.

Actionable Steps post assessment

After receiving the risk scores, the patient will be able to proceed without leaving the app.

Continuous Monitoring

The health risk assessment would be able to track changes in the score in real time, allowing the patient to judge their progress based on previous records.

Wellness Awareness

Non-critical risk patients will be advised on the proper course of action to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Notifications & alerts for recommendation along with medical tips on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Continuous learning model

the app grows to understand individual patients as more data and history is accumulated to give accurate and updated information