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Shield H Diagnostic

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Diagnosis may increase the efficacy of therapy and help the infected patient avoid long-term consequences. Patients who remain undiagnosed may unwittingly spread the illness to others. Early diagnosis may aid in preventing or putting an end to an epidemic.


Easy Tests

Through the app, patient may schedule any diagnostics that have been advised by the ShieldH Consultation or ShieldH Doctor.

Test Reports

The report will be available to both the consulting doctor and the patient at the earliest, and the patient will not be required to provide any further papers.

Safe and reliable

The diagnostic reports that would be created by the empanelled laboratories would be used to make proper prognosis and treatment choices, resulting in a better outcome.


  • Monitor treatment plan - The doctor would be able to compare the patient's development to previous findings in order to choose the best course of action.

  • Drug Therapy and Wellness plans - The diagnostics would eliminate any guesswork from the therapy in order to assist the patient achieve improved health. The results of the negative tests would assist the doctor in developing healthy and more holistic treatment strategies for his patients.

  • Insurance Cover - Insurance Claims would pay for the expenses of the tests that were within its jurisdiction, according on the plans that the patients had selected, no extra paper work would be needed to settle such claims.

ShieldH Diagnostics